If you were to pause right now to look back on your life, you will remember some very exciting times. These times may bring back memories of immense pride, heartfelt gratitude and giddy happiness.

What you probably won’t remember though is that your most rewarding, inspiring times are often IMMEDIATELY preceded by some of your most difficult times. Those that created great anguish and anxiety, paralyzing fear or intense chaos.

And you may also not remember that during those dark or testing dilemmas, you were actually learning and growing.

Just before joy is often sadness. Just before security is often uncertainty. Just before clarity is often confusion. And just before success is often failure.

Action – If where you are right now feels in any way trying or challenging at any level, know that you are just before the opposite.

Keep yourself focused on a more positive desired outcome, and you WILL develop a way through what is currently going on, just as you have done before.

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