Self-esteem is not just about feeling good. Self-esteem directly impacts your professional and financial wellbeing too!

It has 2 key components. First is your self-image. This is the descriptive element, like I have brown eyes, or fat arms or nice legs. Self-image is very important so we’ll talk about that another time.

The second part of self-esteem is the evaluative dimension. Our self-judgments. Whether we say we are worthwhile, capable, contributing, honorable and so on.

Self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities plays a key role in your professional goals too, particularly in a fast-moving global marketplace.

Action – Here are some quick strategies for improving your self-esteem:

  • take credit where credit is due, no more but certainly no less
  • don’t let factors outside of your control, like whether Joe buys your product or you get that raise, determine your own self-esteem
  • balance your life across many domains, like social relationships, family, community etc.; don’t define your esteem solely on work or its outcomes
  • follow your integrity and behave in ways that make you proud of yourself
  • celebrate yourself when you achieve things you thought you couldn’t
  • continue to learn new skills and deepen your self-awareness

Self-esteem is called that because you YOURSELF create, manage and take care of it.

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