As a parent, you know that the sight of homework in the backpack makes your kids cringe but you smile. We know that a reasonable amount of homework is the gift that helps kids learn valuable life skills, like managing multiple demands and stimulating curiosity. Those math problems tonight will help junior become an effect problem-solver in the future!

Ain’t it funny how we don’t apply the same insight to our adult selves!?

Our own problems are usually seen as nothing but a big pain in the butt. And some of the problems we avoid during the day keep us awake at night! But every solution does have a problem — that is the natural yin and yang of our day.

So every advancement always comes FROM a problem.

Action – Delve into a problem with a curious nature, and you WILL uncover a gift there. You’ll find yourself motivated in all aspects of life as you quash fears through curiosity.

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