Are you lacking confidence to take the next step? Here’s a little technique to boost your morale quickly.

Right now, sit or stand as you would if feeling full of confidence. For most, this would mean holding your chin high, shoulders back and spine straight. Your eyes would be wide open and alert. You might even have a slight grin on your lips. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Then, sit or stand as if feeling doubtful. Shoulders down, back slouched, head low. Your whole body might feel heavy. Hold this for 15 seconds.

Then switch back to the confident stance. Switch to doubtful. And repeat this a few times.

You are now experiencing what is known as ‘state psychology’. Your brain releases chemicals to both create and respond to your physical position. It is a very powerful technique to trick your brain into releasing serotonin and other feel good neurotransmitters by acting as if you already felt that way.

Action – If you’re feeling unsure just before an important meeting, do this exercise. Switch back and forth a few times and then hold in the position of the mood you want. The right brain chemicals will come.

As they say – fake it til you make it!

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