I’ve had the great honor to speak at several college and university graduation ceremonies. There’s nothing quite like looking out into an audience of very eager and happy faces.

They’ve just spent umpteen years studying, writing and revising. Most of the faces looking at me are a bit shell-shocked when they hear me say they’re learning has only just begun!

In fact, 2 words summarize the situation that stands before anybody embarking on the next step or stage of life. These 2 words simple words will help YOU create the results you want too.

Teach me.

Action – Our learning doesn’t stop because we leave school or finish a training program at work. An attitude of success INCLUDES the mindset of Teach Me throughout one’s life.

  • Teach Me Mr Client how I can help you better use our product or service.
  • Teach Me boss what desired outcomes you have for this project.
  • Teach Me mentor how to do this effectively and efficiently.
  • Teach Me honey how to be your ideal partner.
  • Teach Me kids how to play with abandon.

If you think you know everything, you’re living a life of disappointment already. But if you engage each person and situation as a ‘Teach Me’ moment, you can reach any goal you set.

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