I need your help.

I’ve been headhunted by an investor named Jeff who wants to partner with me on some interesting and potentially lucrative deals. I’ve checked him out and this is what I’ve discovered:

He’s smart, well-liked, friendly, influential, detailed, intelligent, handsome, immoral, articulate, financially sound, well-read, and worldly.

On a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being a resounding ‘yes’, do you think I should go ahead with the partnership?

If you’ve answered 4 or less, you’ve just experienced ‘automatic vigilance’. This is our innate tendency to notice negative social stimuli.

Just like fight or flight makes you jump to loud bangs, automatic vigilance will alert your brain to a potential threat in your social world. And it can come in the form of negative language.

I mentioned Jeff was immoral. Even if you didn’t consciously hear that particular word, it may be negative to you and therefore lead to a sour impression of him.

Action – What descriptive adjectives are negative for you? Next time you find yourself holding a low opinion of someone, check to see how automatic vigilance may have influenced your judgment.

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    • C A

      Brilliant!! What a fabulous insight!! Thank you.

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