Plain and simple, success is a choice. When you think about it for a second, there really is no other explanation for success.

When you choose to work smart, not hard, you are choosing success.

When you choose to be open to new ideas, options and opportunities, you are choosing success.

When you choose to give something your best effort, you are choosing success.

And when you choose the members of your Goal Getter™ Gang, you are choosing success.

Success doesn’t land in your lap, wait for you or just show up. It is a choice. What are you choosing today?

Action – Write out this sentence stem at the top of a sheet of paper – When it comes to creating my own success, I choose to ….

And list as many endings as come to mind.

Now, look at those choices. And choose your next step.

(What ending did you write that shocked you the most? Leave your reply in the comments box. Your sharing may well inspire someone else on their path of success!)

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