So … it’s Monday and you’re ready to start creating a new habit. Then, you’re like most people who begin a new habit, like a new diet or going to the gym – fully convinced that Monday is the best time to start.

Unfortunately, you’ve picked the worst day of the week.

Why? Because unless you’re one of the rare few, by Wednesday morning at the latest, you’ll have given up!

What’s more, when you stop, you’ll tell yourself the whole week is shot and you’ll try again next Monday. That cycle repeats itself again and again.

The result? You set yourself up for failure.

Action – Creating a new habit can start anytime. Start going to the gym on Wednesday. Load up the fridge with veggies and start eating better on Saturday.

Use different days and times to start any new habit and stay away from building a pattern that might defeat you.

(originally posted July 12, 2010)

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