To see how I can improve a system, I sometimes try new techniques. I do that even when something is working well, just to see what happens.

For example, I like to erase my tasks as they are completed, so I prefer my action list to be written in pencil. That way, I’m left with a blank page at the end of the hour, day or week.

To experiment, I changed the process a bit. I wrote each task on a sticky note and stuck it to a clipboard. As I finished each task, I threw the note away—ending up with a blank clipboard.


But I noticed something interesting. Because I could move the notes around, I could easily adjust priorities and plans to accommodate interruptions or alterations as needed.

Action – Try this sticky-note way of keeping track of your tasks. Or, add a new element into one of YOUR current work techniques.

See what happens!

(Originally broadcast February 24)

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