Change the way you plan your work day and you’ll transform your results. And this simple little formula is all you need to remember…

Six by twelve.

No, it’s not the measurement of a room. The phrase “six by twelve” stands for completing six tasks by 12 noon.

Action – Every day, write out the most important tasks you need to get done and then do six of them by your lunch time break at 12.

A key factor in this process is making sure that you list individual actions within your control, instead of whole project titles. So for example, you might write “make 3 calls”, “finish expense report” or “review project budget” instead of “write the business plan”.

No matter what your job, this super-simple 6 × 12 planning formula can make a huge difference in your daily results.

Make the commitment for one week to do your own 6 x 12 every day and find out how great it feels!

(Originally broadcast July 15, 2009)

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