Why do babies learn how to laugh before they learn how to speak? The answer is two-fold –

First, laughter is a basic fundamental communication skill. It lets others know we are happy, and that we are at ease, which is reassuring to whoever hears our laughter.

Secondly, laughter releases extremely powerful chemicals into our bloodstream and brain. These chemicals lift our mood, refocus us from negative to positive and stimulate a number of other positive brain activities.

Unfortunately, most adults don’t laugh even 10% as often as when they were kids.

What makes you laugh? Is it seeing a child play with a new toy, or the box it came in? How about funny movies you watch on your own or enjoying animal antics?

Action – Commit to doing more of the things you enjoy doing, and laugh at least 20% more than you do now.

(Originally broadcast July 31, 2008)

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