We all have ’em.


No, not butts, though we all have those too.

But “but”.

You know … that little word that stops you from taking the next step. From choosing A or B (or C or Q). From feeling more positive about yourself. From living the life you say you want.

You know … these buts:

• But what if I look foolish?
• But I have too much to do!
• But no one will understand.
• But it won’t work for me.
• But I’d rather be doing something else.

And, of course, the big but (sorry, couldn’t resist) …

But what if I fail?!

There are only three things that squash buts.

  1. Taking action on even the smallest thing that’s creating the but
  2. A nice mix of accountability and encouragement
  3. Higher self-awareness so you know where that version of but is coming from

Action – List one ‘but’ you know you have that is getting in your way. Just write it down. Let it sit for a couple of days. Then list all the different actions you could take, the type of accountability and encouragement you’d like and your intuitive sense of what is underlying the fear (which, of course, ‘but’ reflects).

Then see what you want to do next.

Maybe it’s this.