Newspaper articles and editorials are a perfect example of microlearning (the form of instructional design I’ve been using for over 15 years).

They (hopefully) inform us of the who, what, where, when, why and how of something in a format we can consume very quickly, often in less than 4 minutes. Regardless of the bias of the newspaper, legitimate articles and editorials can lead us to challenge our thinking, which is never a misuse of time.

Just this morning, a particular lead story in my local broadsheet newspaper was, to me, both informative and insightful. And I know it is excellent microlearning because, even though I put the paper down a long time ago, I’m still mulling over what I read, considering it’s points and even curious to potentially look in to a few different aspects of this point of view.

Action – Today, engage with something as simple as a newspaper article with an open-mind that says “this could be a really good learning opportunity for me”.

We create wonderful (and often overlooked) opportunities of enrichment and growth with something as simple as a newspaper article.