A while back, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of keen undergrad business students at my local University, where I also act as a mentor to business school students every year.

On this bright Saturday morning, the room was filled with wide-eyed 20-somethings taking part in a day-long conference on business success.

For almost an hour, we spoke about goals and their importance, not only in their own life but also in the lives of those they will work alongside or, more likely, lead.

Goal ‘setting’ is one thing. Goal ‘getting’ is another thing entirely.

I’ve edited the presentation video to about 6 minutes and a few highlights. The audio is from the hand-held camera, so echos a bit.

Check out:

  • The relationship between goals and confidence (1:07 to 2:13 and 2:35 to 2:58)
  • What you ‘give away’ by setting “goals” (3:04 to 3:14)
  • An important aspect of leadership regarding achievement (3:16 to 3:34)
  • Something most people have never heard before (3:36 to 4:10)
  • A leader’s gift to the team (4:10 to 4:31)
  • What performance goals really give you (4:48 to 5:11)
  • Never “teach” anyone again (5:25 to 5:46)

Grab a piece of paper and write down the notes of what you hear. Better still, write down your own thoughts by answering:-

  • How could I apply this in my day to day?
  • Where do I see this fitting in to how I set goals for myself?
  • Or with others?
  • If I had 2 minutes to summarize the main points of this video, what would I say?
  • And who do I want to share this information with today.

Feel free to leave any of your answers in the comments section too.