After enjoying one-too-many cups of tea at one of my favorite coffee houses, I bid my companion a quick “I’ll be right back” and dashed off to the ladies room. Another woman had a similar calling and toddled in to the restroom right behind me.

I heard her muttering away and didn’t think much of it – lots of people do that. But then I realized she was actually having a full-blown conversation … and not just with herself!! There was someone on the other end of her Bluetooth.

Perhaps I live a somewhat secluded life (though I very much doubt that). Or perhaps I’m just an old fuddy-duddy (which I also very much doubt).

But am I the only one that thinks using the cellphone in a public washroom is just pushing things a bit too much??

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    • Anita Flegg

      I had a similar experience at work last week, and it happened twice in one day!
      In the first case, it was a member of the cleaning staff, and she was just using the stall as a telephone booth — she was standing in there, talking on her phone.
      I thought it was weird, but it happened with a 2nd woman that very day!

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