My local coffee shop is the perfect environment for relaxing and soaking in the comings and goings of the world around me. I’m a real people-watcher and can sit there for hours observing the actions of people as they go about their business.

On a good day, I can do this without judgment. But on a bad day, when I can be harder than any judge sitting on the court bench, I’ll be harder on others, and more importantly, harder on myself.

What’s the difference between a good day and a bad day?

Just me.

If and how I judge others is entirely up to me. It has nothing to do with them.

Action – And the same holds true for you. No two people will ever judge all things the same way, even if the thing remains consistent. Most of our judgments are flexible and malleable and not a true indicator of reality.

Remember this next time you start to judge.

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    • Glenda Current

      Judgement is a good word for the day and for life. Are we judging others to make ourselves feel better? Are Judging the situation because we are evaluating to improve the outcome? Are we judging ourselves to make the world a better place???…

      • Nancy Morris

        Judgment is, for the most part, a learned behavior. Yes, we need to access situations quickly throughout the day given the abundance of information, etc, that we receive but “judgment” is learned. Which is fabulous, because that means we can relearn it another way!!

    • Camila Silva

      Exactly. And furthermore each have a perception of life, each carries a completely different luggage. We can not judge and find that this is the real and immutable.

    • Louise

      So true, my Dad used to always keep me in check when it came to being judgmental, someone would cut us off in traffic – I’d be grumpy and he would say, maybe that person is having a bad day, maybe they are sick, or sad for some reason….we don’t know their story….. He could always deflate my anger in minutes. It took a few years to sink in – but I think that my Dad was such a happy and calm man because he was never judgmental, he appreciated everyones differences and never judged, and as a result had an interesting collection of friends.

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