If you’re not giving 100% of your best to your time, you’re guaranteed to get less than your best result.

It’s not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote your time to that counts!

Yes, your best can fluctuate. If you’re tired or sick or if you’re coping with fear, your best might be less today than yesterday. But if nothing’s in your way and you still avoid getting on with things, then your devotion to success needs to be reanalyzed.

Keys for showing real devotion include –

  • staying focused on task
  • ignoring insignificant fears that are just distractions
  • having the attitudes and actions you KNOW will help you get stuff done
  • and saying no to things for which you don’t have the time.

Action – Instead of complaining about a lack of time, look honestly at how you devote the time you actually have!