“To think that you’re not going to fail is an illusion. The faster and more you fail, the closer you’ll be to what you want.”

While I don’t know who said that phrase, they’re clearly reminding us that “failure” is something to welcome on our path to success.

Many people tell me that the reason they don’t take the next step is because they’re afraid of failing. What’s to be afraid of?

As a child, you weren’t afraid of landing on your butt when learning to walk. Now, it is possible to interpret a toddler getting up and then falling down as a ‘failure’ but we don’t, do we? And why not? Because falling down is considered part of the learning process.

Doesn’t it sound like we’ve got one set of rules for kids and another for adults?

Action – Next time you catch yourself fearing failure, remember that failure leads to success. It’s neither to be feared nor avoided but wholeheartedly welcomed.