What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you.

Self-awareness is one of the cornerstones of success. Lack of self-awareness leads to indecisiveness, disorganization and feeling powerless.

Self-awareness goes beyond self-confidence. To know yourself – fears, foibles, strengths, successes, hopes, dreams and insecurities all included – is to be able to create goals and build plans, knowing in advance most of the glitches and achievements that are likely to show up.

Action – All it takes to start building self-awareness is to ask yourself these quick questions:

  • What am I thinking about right now?
  • Is this a positive or negative thought?
  • How do I feel about it?
  • What actions have I taken as a result of that feeling?
  • Are my results what I want?

To improve your financial bottom line, the quality of your personal and professional relationships and the pleasure you enjoy from life, self-awareness is always the starting point.

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    3 replies to "Being Self-Aware"

    • Sunny

      Selt-awareness always plays an important role in our daily life.

    • Nancy Morris

      Quite right, Sunny. In fact, self-awareness is the #1 key to success, however someone chooses to define success.

    • Liza

      Great insight about self awareness.

      Thank you!

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