I’m fed up with listening to people waffle on about “work life balance”. There is no such thing!

You see, the phrase “work life balance” assumes a consistency. It suggests that we’ll always be working and that your work is separate from your life, which is ridiculous. Work is a very important part of someone’s life and it is NOT a separate entity.

So a more accurate statement to make is that we can work toward “life balance”. But even that phrase is misleading.

Many people think that life balance is a destination and once you get there, eureka, you’ve made it. Life doesn’t work that way. Something always comes along to throw you off balance.

And that is as it should be, because that is natural growth.

Action – I’m not saying you cannot find peace, calm and a sense of freedom because you absolutely can. But you are more likely to find these things when you stop looking for work life balance!